Join Lisa And Travis At The EUCI Ontario Energy Challenge Conference June 14-15, 2016 In Toronto

You can find out more about the conference and register here.

Lisa is a member of the conference steering committee and will be moderating Cap and Trade –Threat or Opportunity for Ontario’s Energy System? and speaking on Women in Energy – Managing Innovation and Change in the Energy Sector.

Travis will be moderating Future of Electrification of Transportation – Impact on the Electricity System.

More information about the conference:

The Ontario Energy Challenge will be a conference with a difference. As a conference participant, you will not only hear from an outstanding roster of energy experts; you will also be engaged with the Conference Steering Committee and our speakers in developing recommendations to be submitted to the Ontario Government on what should be incorporated into the Ontario Long Term Energy Plan.

By attending the Ontario Energy Challenge, you will be part of an informed discussion about what should go into the Long Term Energy Plan with knowledgeable people from across the energy spectrum, including what you know or think about:

  • Ontario’s position in the energy world;

  • The role of conservation and demand management;

  • The real potential of storage;

  • The impact of the electrification of the transportation sector;

  • The threat of cyber attack on the electricity grid;

  • The reality of cap & trade;

  • The implications of the rise of distributed generation & microgrids and

  • The changing role of women in the energy sector.

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