Mexico, Ontario and Quebec Sign Joint Declaration on Climate Change

Mexico, Ontario and Quebec signed a joint declaration in Guadalajara, Mexico today agreeing to strengthen their cooperation on climate change and promote the expansion of carbon markets in North America.

The governments agreed to:

  1. Work together on carbon markets that effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

  2. Share information and best practices on the implementation of their respective greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and programs;

  3. Jointly promote the expansion of carbon markets in North America; and

  4. Enhance cooperation for development, deployment and access to clean technologies.

The joint declaration supports the achievement of greenhouse gas reduction commitments made as part of COP 21 in Paris in December 2015.

The joint declaration was signed during the Second Climate Change Summit of the Americas organized by the Government of Jalisco. The summit follows the First Climate Change Summit of the Americas hosted by the Government of Ontario in July 2015.

Rafael Pacchiano Alamán (Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico), Minister Glen Murray (Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change), and Minister David Heurtel (Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change) signed the joint declaration on behalf of their respective governments and ministries.

Lisa DeMarco is in Guadalajara and would be pleased to discuss how climate change and carbon markets may affect your business and activities. Please contact Lisa for more information (

Source: Government of Ontario, 2016

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