Ontario Releases Proposed EV-Supportive Building Code Amendments for Comment

Ontario's Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MMA) has released proposed Building Code changes intended to support electric vehicle (EV) charging in many homes and workplaces, excluding multi-unit apartment buildings (MMA defines multi-unit apartment buildings as including condominiums and co-ops). In general, for workplaces, the amendments require 20% of inside parking spaces in covered buildings to have EV supply equipment (EVSE) installed, with the remainder of inside spaces being able to support EVSE installation. They would also require garages, carports and driveways servicing houses to be equipped with a 240V/50 amp "receptacle" for the purpose of EVSE installation. MMA has also released questions regarding further steps for comment. Submissions are due December 20, 2016. This update provides (1) a summary of the proposed amendments; (2) questions for comment; and (3) details regarding comment submission.

(1) Summary of proposed amendments

CC-B-03-01-01 (workplace) applies to Part 3 (major occupancy and large) buildings where parking spaces are provided within the building, except for "multi-unit apartment buildings"*). It would require not less than 20% of such parking spaces to be equipped with EVSE and the remaining 80% to allow for future EVSE installation, both in accordance with Section 86 of Ontario's Electrical Safety Code.

CC-B-09-34-01 (residential) applies to Part 9 (smaller residential, including single family, and workplace occupancy) buildings. It would require that where parking is provided within the building, excluding multi-unit apartment buildings*, not less than 20% of such spaces must be equipped with EVSE and the remaining 80% must allow for future EVSE installation, both in accordance with Section 86 of Ontario's Electrical Safety Code. This change would also require every garage, carport or driveway serving a house to be equipped with a 240V/50amp. receptacle for the purpose of installing EVSE, in accordance with Section 86 of Ontario's Electrical Safety Code.

*The term "multi-unit apartment buildings" is explained in MMA's justification as including "rental, condos, co-ops, student and retirement housing and other shared living arrangements."

(2) Questions for comment

In the overview summary MMA posed the following questions for comment:

  1. The Climate Change Action Plan states that 50-amp, 240-volt receptacles will become mandatory in all new homes and townhomes with garages by January 1 2018. How should the Building Code be changed to make it easier to install and use these chargers (e.g., reflect the need for proper placement and adjacent unobstructed space in a garage to ensure convenience of access)?

  2. How should government proceed to support wider use of electric vehicles among residents of new multi-unit residential buildings?

MMA also indicates that it will continue to work with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and the Electrical Safety Authority on multi-unit residential issues.

(3) Submission timing and process

Responses are due December 20,2016 via the online comment form. Questions can be sent to buildingcode.consultation@ontario.ca

To discuss these proposed amendments, please contact Travis Allan at travis@demarcoallan.com

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