Ontario Offset Credits EBR Proposal

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is seeking input on its proposed Ontario Offset Credits regulation (the Proposed Regulation) and incorporated protocol, a revised draft of the Landfill Gas Protocol (the Proposed Landfill Gas Protocol).

Key elements of the Proposed Regulation include:

· offset initiative start date;

· protocols, including the incorporation of the protocols by reference to the proposed document titled Offset Initiative Protocols for Ontario’s Cap and Trade Program;

· eligibility criteria for sponsors;

· eligibility criteria for initiatives, both single and in groups;

· registration requirements;

· crediting periods;

· reporting periods;

· eligibility criteria for offset creation;

· offset credit creation requirements;

· reversals;

· reporting and verification requirements; and

· record keeping requirements.

Initiative-specific key elements of the Proposed Landfill Gas Protocol include:

· offset initiative start date;

· eligibility criteria;

· GHG assessment boundary;

· calculation of emission reductions;

· data management and monitoring requirements;

· reversals;

· reporting requirements; and

· record keeping requirements.

The Ministry’s full Environmental Registry posting is available here. Comments are due by November 18, 2017, and may be submitted online via Ontario’s Environmental Registry.

For the Draft Ontario Offset Credits Regulation, click here.

For the Draft Landfill Gas Offset Protocol, click here.

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