OEB Announces New Performance Standards for Rate Applications

Benson Kua, Flickr (used without modification)

The Ontario Energy Board (the "Board") today announced that it has adopted new performance standards for processing rate applications. The new standards take effect April 1, 2019 and seek to better reflect the time the Board requires to process an application. The new standards are intended to provide greater certainty and predictability to applicants.

The new performance standards will measure three indicators:

  1. Time elapsed from issuance of completeness letter to the issuance of the first procedural order

  2. Time elapsed from close of the record to the issuance of a Board decision

  3. Total cycle time (from issuance of completeness letter to final decision)

The Board has made the performance standards available in schedule format on its website for each of the following types of proceedings:

  • Cost-based >$500m Revenue Requirement

  • Cost-Based <$500m Revenue Requirement

  • Complex Incentive Rate-setting Mechanism (or other stand-alone request)

  • Accounting Order (or other stand-alone request)

Please contact Lisa DeMarco at lisa@demarcoallan.com should you wish to discuss the contents of this bulletin.

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