Ontario seeks input on developing provincial low-carbon hydrogen strategy

Today, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) released a discussion paper on the development of a low-carbon hydrogen strategy for Ontario in support of the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan. The MECP is seeking feedback from businesses, academics, the public, and municipalities to assist in developing the strategy and leveraging Ontario’s hydrogen economy to create jobs and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Specifically, the MECP is seeking feedback on the following topics:

1. The vision for Ontario’s hydrogen strategy. The MECP is seeking input on the relevance and benefits of developing a hydrogen sector in Ontario, key outcomes of a hydrogen strategy and how to define and measure success.

2. Supporting the Environment Plan by reducing GHG emissions through low-carbon hydrogen. The MECP is seeking input on key technology, regulatory and business opportunities, setting targets and goals, and the associated environmental benefits.

3. Generating economic development and jobs by building a hydrogen industry involving all regions of Ontario to create jobs and facilitate economic recovery, seek strategic partnerships and support innovation. The MECP is seeking input on the role hydrogen can play for various regions and sectors, innovation and job creation, and potential workforce development.

4. Promoting energy resilience by considering the value of domestic hydrogen for Ontario’s energy bills and evolving energy system. The MECP is seeking input on hydrogen’s role in a reliable and affordable energy system, including energy storage, and barriers and opportunities in the energy system.

5. Reducing barriers and enabling action in order to attract investment and create a level playing field between technology options. The MECP is seeking input on Ontario’s relationship with partners such as private sector, academia, other governments and levels of government, and barriers and opportunities for growth.

6. Using hydrogen where and when it makes sense, focusing on areas that are most likely to become cost-effective. The MECP is seeking input on elements of the hydrogen strategy, such as timeframe, potential for cost reductions across the supply chain, and identifying and managing risks.

Interested stakeholders can submit questions online or by mail. The comment period ends on January 18, 2021.

For further information or to discuss the contents of this bulletin, please contact Lisa DeMarco at lisa@demarcoallan.com.

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